The Kill
3 Locks

Det. David Scott has located the hideout of a serial killer who has created terror among people in a small Texas town.  The killer is known for kidnapping his victims in plain sight, murdering them and dumping their bodies only after torturing them for days.  Det. Scott returns to the murderous hideout sensing that something was missed.  Help Det. Scott gather clues to locate the missing victim and stop the killing spree.  Beware, the killer could return to the hideout at any time.

The Woods
3 Locks

Your friend has gone missing.  He has gone to investigate the legend of a house in the woods where black magic and strange happenings occur.  He has been missing for over a week now.  Reluctant, you go to the house in the woods to try and find him.  Can you find your friend and make it out alive in time?

2 Locks

The year is 2159 and a famous scientist has developed a fountain of youth serum.  With the thought of living forever, the public demanded that this serum be made available to all.  Fast forward to 4 years later and ominous side effects of the serum are starting to show.  Those who were given the serum are turning into zombies.  The zombies are wreaking havoc and are now feeding on the living.  To save yourself you need to find the serum, destroy it and get to the community of the living before you are zombie food.  Can you save yourself and mankind before it is too late?

The Relic
3 Locks